The Rule is R277-301-Educator Licensing

  (10) An LEA school that requests an LEA-specific license, license area, or endorsement shall prominently post the following information on each school’s website: (a) disclosure of the fact that the school employs individuals holding LEA-specific educator licenses, license areas, or endorsements; (b) an explanation of the types of licenses issued by the board; (c) the percentage of the types of licenses, license areas, and endorsements held by educators employed in the school-based on the employees’ FTE as reported to the Superintendent; and (d) a link to the Utah Educator Look-up tool provided by the Superintendent in accordance with Subsection R277-312-7(6)  

LEA numberLEA NameLEA typeSchool NbrSchool NameTotal FTEPercent QualifiedPercent Not QualifiedPercent Semi-Qualified
10Garfield DistrictDistrict10Garfield District3.127553.96%46.04%0.00%
10Garfield DistrictDistrict104Antimony School2.15100.00%0.00%0.00%
10Garfield DistrictDistrict108Boulder School2.11452.03%47.97%0.00%
10Garfield DistrictDistrict112Bryce Valley School9.9582.91%7.04%10.05%
10Garfield DistrictDistrict116Escalante School7.0585.82%14.18%0.00%
10Garfield DistrictDistrict124Panguitch School16.13697.52%2.48%0.00%
10Garfield DistrictDistrict150Garfield Online1.63476.50%23.50%0.00%
10Garfield DistrictDistrict304Panguitch Middle5.551582.89%6.30%10.81%
10Garfield DistrictDistrict704Bryce Valley High10.257565.88%23.98%10.14%
10Garfield DistrictDistrict708Escalante High8.2735.94%51.36%12.70%
10Garfield DistrictDistrict712Panguitch High11.421556.32%31.42%12.26%
LEA NameLEA TypeFully QualifiedNot QualifiedSemi-QualifiedTotal FTEFully Qualified %Not Qualified %Semi-Qualified %
Garfield DistrictDistrict56.987515.5855.0977.66273.4%20.1%6.6%

 Here is the language they should use:

§  (School Name) employs individuals holding an LEA-Specific educator license, license areas, and/or endorsement.

§  Types of Educator Licenses:

§  Professional: Standard professional license issued to educators that have completed a Utah education program, traditional or alternative, or transferred an educator license from another state or country and met Utah’s licensure requirements. Valid for 5 years, renewable.

§  Associate: Temporary license issued to an individual earning their professional educator license through a Utah university-based or alternate education preparation program as defined in Utah Administrative Rule R277-301. Valid for 3 years.

§  LEA-Specific: Temporary license approved by the governing board of a Local Education Agency (LEA) under Utah Administrative Rule R277-301. Valid for 1, 2, or 3 years.

§  (School Name) has ______% of educators who hold a Professional License and ________% who hold an LEA Specific License, and _______% who are semi qualified.

§  Utah Educator Look-Up Tool