How observant are you?   Find all these items in the school and bring photos or print copies to the Library to Ms. Jolene for a prize.    Each contest will last till the end of the month.   Each month will consist of 10 items to find.  It may also involve some research on your part.  First one to bring in all correctly wins!

For January:   You must list where it’s located.

1. A sign that says:    Conference

2. A metal shuttered door.

3. A track Baton

4. One of the EHS “E” stickers on a window

5 # 77

6. This Escalante Moquis Sign

7. 1988

8. A 500 piece “flip flop” puzzle

9. A book with a red cover – your choice

(Just a book with a RED cover)

10. A printed copy of a recipe from Culturegrams.


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