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Escalante High Faculty Contact List:

  • Chip Sharp:  EHS Administrator  Email: Chip.Sharpe@garfk12.org
  • Kaeli Madsen   English Teacher  Email: Kaeli.Madsen@garfk12.org
  • Stacy Davis:   English, Music, and Drama Teacher  Email:  stacy.davis@garfk12.org
  • Rebecca Harris:  Science Teacher Email:  Rebecca.Harris@garfk12.org
  • Simone Griffin:  Math Teacher   Email: Simone.Griffin@garfk12.org
  • Susan Shurtz :  Business Teacher   Email:  susan.shurtz@garfk12.org
  • Ryan Fisher:  History Teacher  Email:  ryan.fisher@garfk12.org
  • Sharla Poast:  Special Ed Resource Teacher  Email:  sharla.poast@garfk12.org
  • Adam Griffin:  PE and Health Teacher Email: Adam.Griffin@garfk12.org
  • LaRee ByBee: EHS Counsuler Email: laree.bybee@garfk12.org